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UI/UX, Illustration, Motion, Web Design 2016 – 2017

Dango appears in any messenger app. It understands text to quickly predict emoji, GIFs, kaomoji, and stickers. This product consists of a collection gallery and a small character that floats over your apps, showing an expanded selection of content when tapped.

Character Reactions
Websites: getdango.com pokegif.com

Video Explainer, Product Website, GIF Website, Character Animations, UI/UX Design, Google Playstore Advertising, Social Media Banners, GIF Collection Creation & Curation

Monster Missions
UI/UX, Motion, Illustration 2016

Monster Missions is an interactive app and toy experience that helps young children overcome worry and develop the independence to initiate routines by reimagining them into adventures. It frames normally unwanted tasks into children’s perception of “play”.

Here, children are considered Agents and they are accompanied through missions with their monster Sidekicks. Their parents are Inspectors, in charge of selecting and assigning them missions.


Video Explainer, Interactive App Prototype, Speaking NFC Toy

Fuse Izakaya
Branding, Iconography 2014

FUSE draws upon the technology of Neo Tokyo — a cybercentric concept of Japan — to bring a contemporary twist to the traditional experience of izakaya dining. Reminiscent of hyperfuturistic UIs, this brand is a callback to technology found in comics and anime to create a nostalgic connection.


Brand Standards, Environmental Visuals, Staff Uniforms, Holographic Menu, Cutlery, Takeaway Items, Signage, Promotional Merchandise, Website Mockup

Illustration, Typography, Motion, Packaging
Halftone Alphabet Typography
Arcane Made Packaging
Inkbed Tattooing
Switch Motion
Art Is... Motion

Hello! I'm Kristine. I'm a designer whose interests involve: memories, self-love, crafting empathetic experiences, and exploring storytelling through multisensory interactions.

Projects promoting inclusive feminism, POC representation in children's media, or aim to help young women develop their self-confidence, get me hyped!

Feel free to message hello@kbuerano.com if you want to talk.

(Whirlscape Inc.)
Jan 2016 – Mar 2017
Design, Motion, Front-End Development

Dango is an android app helping users personalize and enhance communication through predictive emoji, GIFs, and stickers.

  • Developed major app interfaces, also designed and built interactive GIF web applications, blog posts, and websites, as companions to the product.
  • Managed a team of GIF curators, taught to understand the social nuances of tagging emotional and contextual content
  • Produced character animations, shareable content, and illustrations for in-app use and marketing initiatives
Islands & Aswangs
Aug 2016 – Present
Branding, Book Design, Creative Direction

Islands & Aswangs is an illustrated fantasy book, used as a guide to incorporate Filipino mythology into tabletop roleplaying games.

  • Oversees and provides resources to Filipinx youth artists and designers, guiding the development of their illustrations
  • Utilizes personal stories and cultural folklore from Filipinx to create deeply meaningful branding and book design
2013 – 2016
Branding, Animation, Visual Marketing, Dance

theTEAM is a competitive dance crew focused on helping youth become leaders, gain confidence, and pursue growth through dance.

  • Encouraged community engagement in competitions, workshops, and auditions through visual marketing on social media and apparel
  • George Brown College AdvDip
      Graphic Design (Honours) • Sept 2013 – April 2016
  • Cundari Scholarship
      Thesis Design • April 2016
  • Adobe Semi-Finalist
      Packaging Design • August 2016
  • RGD/SapientNitro Recognition
      Interaction Design • August 2016
  • RGD/Bell Media Group Honour
      Motion Graphics • August 2015